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Following is a list of treatment programs that specifically serve uniformed services.  Each program  is unique.  Please research each program to decide if it is a good fit for the treatment you are seeking.

California - West Coast Posttrauma Retreat

Massachusetts - On-Site Academy

Oklahoma - Emergency Responders Assistance Program

Pennsylvania - Marworth Treatment Center

Utah - First Responder Healing Retreat


Arizona - PISTLE (Post Incident Stress & Trauma in Law Enforcement)


I Love A Cop by Ellen Kirschman

I Love a Firefighter by Ellen Kirschman

Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement by Kevin Gilmartin

Cop Shock by Allen Kates

On Combat by David Grossman

On Killing by David Grossman

My Dad's  a Hero...My Dad's a Cop by Gary Aumiller & Daniel Goldfarb